OSF&SSS distribute Eid Giftd to Thalassaemia children


Staff Reporter

KARACHI, Jul 13: An eve of Annual Eid Gift Distribution to Thalassaemia Children was celebrated by Omair Sana Foundation (OSF) in collaboration with Smile Student Society (SSS) in Gulshan Iqbal.  Thalassaemia children and their families, doctors, student’s families, journalists, Dr. Saqib Ansari, Mrs Tehseen Akhter (Finance Secretary), Dr. Qamar Jabbar (SSS), Dr. Iqra Qamar, Dr. Zain, Dr. Ali, Shabaz Islam, Mohammad Ali Gohar, Hamza Hashmi, Dr. Faheem, Asghar Hussain and other people of the society participated in this eve. More than 200 Thalassaemia children got their gift at this eve. Parents of the Thalassemic were distributed with QURAN AL-KARIM. ACCA Pakistan also distributed gift hampers to these children. Dr. Saqib Hussain Ansari (General Secretary), Shahbaz Islam (SSGC), Dr. Fahim Ahmed (Bayer), Mohammad Ali Gohar (SSGC), Obaid Hashi (Chief Operating Officer), Hamza Hashmi ( Terrabiz), Asghar Hussain (Standard Chartered) and other addressed the audience and expressed their feeling about the event. Dr. Ansari Said OSF is striving to provide best management to these Thalassaemia children and working on the prevention and rehabilitation of Thalassaemia children and Families. this annual event not only brings happiness & smile to the Thalassaemia children but also gives an opportunity to be together and ponder to explore ways for the cause of Thalassaemia prevention. He said that the foundation has tradition to engage Thalassaemia children and other people of the society on various religious and national events. He reminded that Thalassaemia is a Genetic blood disorder in which synthesis of red blood stops and patient has to rely upon regular blood transfusion for his /her whole life. He thanked the participants for their presence. The children also performed NAAT at this eve. Latter Ifftar dinner was served to all participants.



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