HESCO chief visits sub divisions to get first hand recovery, performance report


Defaulter consumers to face electric disconnection, FIRs against thieves
HYDERABAD, Jul 14: Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) chief executive officer Muhammad Saleem Jaat made unscheduled visits to various locations, sub divisions of HESCO Kotri, Nooriabad, Badin, Thatta, etc and to obtain first hand report on recovery of outstanding bills and performance of offices and field officers.
Annoying over bad performance of Kotri sub division, HESCO chief given stern orders to the Kotri field officers, to immediate disconnect electric connections of defaulters of payment and ensure 100 percent recovery and eliminate power theft completely and lodge FIRs against power thieves which ultimately bring down line losses and HESCO will be empowered to provide better uninterrupted supply.
100 percent recovery of outstanding power dues and power theft is top priority for which 54 special recovery teams are working indiscriminately to recover over Rs56 billion outstanding.
HESCO is a commercial institution which provides electricity to its consumers and collect bill payments therefore, appeals to the general public and consumers to fully cooperate by paying their electricity bills on time, avoid painful disconnection and use electricity through legal means only enabling us to provide better power supply and end load shedding, HESCO chief concluded.


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