HESCO major crack down drive against power thieves, recovery


English Boot House, House of Chenab and 60 other illegal connections unearthed

HYDERABAD, Jul 16: Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) under instructions from Federal Minister for Water and Power, Abid Sher Ali formed 54 special raiding teams which operate jointly with the help of FIA for speedy recovery of outstanding bills from defaulters and eliminate electricity stealing from root level, HESCO spokesman told.

54 raiding teams operating under Director Surveillance Malik Imtiazul Haq has already widened operation throughout the region for the recovery of over Rs56 billion outstanding from defaulters.

During the ongoing operation, power theft was unearthed at English Boot House and fined Rs2.57 lacs, House of Chenab fined for Rs2.92 lacs and 60 more commercial illegal connections were removed and fined Rs40,000 and Rs50,000 and Rs80,000 while, 2 shopkeepers paid their fine amount at the spot.

Further, 260 connections were cut due to non-payment of electricity dues and 200 illegal kunda were also removed in the areas of Qasimabad, Kotri, Jamshoro, Matiari, Halla and suburbs.

Till to-date HESCO recovered Rs310 million during current operations.

HESCO Chief Muhammad Saleem Jaat has given instructions for 100 percent recovery of outstanding dues from defaulters and war against power thieves in house-to-house search operation with the help of FIA and appeals general public, consumer to pay their dues to avoid painful disconnection.

HESCO has to recover over Rs56 billion from government, private consumers including Rs1936 million from 700 Federal Govt institutions, Rs32404 million from 6899 Provincial govt institutions, Rs17.71 billion from 358000 residential defaulters, Rs1.88 billion from 49144 commercial consumers, Rs81 million from 1917 industrial units, Rs718 million from 2000 tube wells.



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