Pakistani sets world record of donating blood 71 times


Dr SJA Jafri

KARACHI, Jul 16: A Pakistani Farman Ali Khadim has set world record of donating blood 71 times in last 25 years and saved precious lives of children suffering from thelesemia and haemophilia diseases which arising out of inter family marriages especially between successive cousin brothers and cousin sisters.

Farman Ali Khadim said he belonged to Karak region of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwah province. His family shifted to Karachi for better prospects and work where he got better education. His father was in Army but it was difficult to make ends meet.

His story of blood donation:

Once Farman Ali Khadim happened to have visited a hosptal where he saw innocent kids whose lives depended mainly on regular transfusion of blood into their bodies. He was moved to tears upon seeing these children who were subjected to unbearable suffering without their own fault. Marriages between cousins had inflicted physical and mental deformities by birth upon them. Farman Ali firmly resolved that he would personally make whatever efforts he can to save their lives before an untimely death.

Therefore, since last 25 years, Farman Ali Khadim regularly visited hospitals every three months and donated blood 71 times. In response to a question, Farman Ali Khadim said he was unaware of his setting a world record of blood donation and got to know about it during one of his regular visits to Fatimid Foundation for blood donation. One of its officers told Farman Ali Khadim that officials of Health Department wanted to meet him. Health officials then informed Farman Ali Khadim that by donating his blood 71 times in 25 years, he had already set a new record not only in Pakistan but worldwide. “I was surprised to hear what I heard from health officials, that I have set that kind of record of blood donation,” said Farman Ali Khadim.

Subsequently, in a simple ceremony by government officials, a due certificate of recognition of his services was awarded to Farman Ali Khadim. However, a proper media coverage was not made of his brilliant record for a great human cause of saving lives of innocent and suffering children, until other national and international institutions started contacting him, and Farman Ali Khadim’s services came into limelight. However, Farman Ali Khadim himself says: “I did my human duty as a worship without any thought about such publicity or any certificate and reward.”

Farman Ali Khadim excused himself from media publicity of his service to humanity. However, after our appeal for his cooperation so that his good deeds become a source of inspiration for other people to do likewise, Farman Ali Khadim had agreed for this interview and photographs. It is hoped that more persons will come forward for blood donation, like Farman Ali Khadim did, in saving lives of children who would otherwise die without blood transfusion.



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