Karachiites throng beaches despite ban on swimming

KARACHI: Police van patrolling on beach as a ban on swimming and bathing into sea has been impose by City Government to save citizen’s life, at Clifton Beach in Karachi .

KARACHI, Jul 20: Karachiites thronged the seaside Sunday, the second day of the Eid festival, in their quest to make optimum of the holidays and weather that turned all the more pleasant to compliment the occasion.
The fact that life guards manned the beaches so as to ensure restriction only recently imposed by the administration on swimming and bathing in sea water did not seem to dampen the spirits of the people.
No major violation of the ban to enter into waters was registered yet it was a tough job for the guards to keep vigil on ever growing numbers of the visitors pertaining to all age groups and gender.
“There are people who do realize that the restriction is for their good and safety yet there is also no dearth of mischief makers keen to take the risk,” said Abdul Wadood a life guard at one of the spots.
The beaches rightly considered to be Karachi’s major attraction had always been drawing in hordes the people moving to the metropolis from areas with no sea.
“What happens is that they in their excitement often fail to realize the difference between sea and rivers and the currents that tend to be all the more dangerous during monsoons.” said the experienced professional.
Reminding of the last year’s tragedy during which many of the people, mainly youth, had lost their lives while getting too adventurous and challenging the heavy tide by moving deep into the waters, Abdul Wadood said the occasion then also was Eid ul Fitr.
Festivity was turned into mourning for many of the families and hence this time a certain wariness could be noticed.
Mrs. Ikhlaq regretting that the culture to visit each other’s house and host parties on the eve of eid was already diminishing among the Karachiites, said the people who may have shifted here over the years are also found to be those with families back in their ancestral cities or towns.
Outing perhaps for many of these individuals and families is the only option during the holidays, unfortunately poor maintenance of many of the parks leave them with little choice.
Syed Abrar reminded of several other recreational sites entrance to which is largely linked to fees that again may not be affordable for the significant majority.
So it is again the beach or the eating outlets, catering to wide range of tastes and pockets — associated risks and quality are relevant but largely ignored by many of the people as well as the city managers.


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