Missing Raja Daher’s wife, children on hunger strike for his recovery


Abbas Kassar

HYDERABAD, Jul 20: The wife  and children of missing activist of Jeay Sindh observed hunger strike in front of press club Hyderabad on Monday and demanded his immediate recovery. It may be mentioned here that Raja Daher who is son of renowned Sindhi writer Atta Muhammad Bhambhro was arrested by security agencies from his village near Khairpur in a raid at midnight a month and half ago. Since then his whereabouts is not known.Police has said they have not arrested him nor he was at any police station. Many nationalist parties have condemned arrest and disappearance of Raja Daher and demanded his recovery. His wife and children were forlorn without him. His wife told that she has come all along from Khairpur to hunger strike to press government to disclose arrest of his husband and release. She also made appeal to human rights bodies to mhelp recover her disappeared husband. She also expressed apprehension that he might be killed in false encounter and made appeal to chief justice to take notice of her husband’s disappearance.



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