MumbaiRains: Bollywood celebs tweet about the Monsoon


MUMBAI, Jul 21:  Incessant rains and the resulting chaos has once again brought Mumbaikars to Twitter. They are musing about the rain, pondering over the state of affairs in their city, complaining and blaming, while also helping fellow Tweetizens with regular local train and traffic updates. Celebs, who call Mumbai as their home, also find it difficult to make it to work during the rains and take to Twitter to express themselves in 140 characters. Here’s what they are saying:
Aarya Babbar ?@AaryaBabbar222:
“#MumbaiRains demand #Romance”
Tanishaa Mukerji ?@TanishaaMukerji:
“#bmc this is ridiculous ! More proof that mumbai bmc is corrupt with no care for building standards! #MumbaiRains”
Shirish Kunder ?@ShirishKunder:
“No pain, no gain.Yes rain, no train.#MumbaiRains”
Masaba Gupta ?@MasabaG: “S L O W w w clap for the BMC. #MumbaiRains #traffic”
Let’s take a look at how badly had rain affected the film industry, when it had first arrived in the city, this year…


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