Rangers have controlled adverse law & order situation in Sindh: PM Special Assistant Imtiaz Shaikh


Waheed Phulpoto

SHIKARPUR, Jul 22: The people of Sindh have breached the sight of relief after a long period when the adverse situation of law and order was brought under control with the support of Rangers personnel through their continuous action to conduct the cleanup operations against the criminal and terrorists elements in Karachi and the other parts of the province of Sindh where the people of the areas were feeling the sense of insecurity and frustration and remained under the treat of insecurity of life, honour and property. While he was of his opinion that no any person belonging to any political, religious parties and other civil organizations involved in criminal activities be not spared in order to ensure the peace and tranquility in the areas.

While talking to this correspondent here in Shikarpur on Wednesday Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh the PML-F MPA and the special assistant to Prime Minister of Pakistan further said and added that the people of province desired to get their outstanding problems at their door steps through establishment of local bodies institutions for which the people have been depriving of such democratic right by the PPP rulers since last 8 years of their rule.

He said that his party has determined to oppose all actions taken by Sindh government for postponement of local government at every stage when the Election Commission of Pakistan was fully prepared and finalized the election processing programs for holding local government elections as per scheduled program decided by Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan.

While he said that the functional league would take part in ensuing local government elections through out the province of Sindh and claimed for victory with major support of the votes by the people.

On the other hand PML-F leader while expressing his dissatisfaction over the formation of delimitation by the Election Commission in whole of the province of Sindh generally and in District Shikarpur particularly has demanded to improve the irregularities and make acceptable delimitation of the constituencies according to the actual population at union council level so that the people could avail the due facilities for casting their votes in the local government (LG) elections.

While criticizing the Sindh government Mr Shaikh allegedly said no improvement was achieved by Sindh government affairs for well being of the masses excepting the deep interest taken by the PPP rulers to courage the corruption culture in all the government departments to meet ulterior motives.

He also blamed that the PPP ministers were involved in misappropriating the development funds as well as to encourage their party leaders to accept the illegal gratification of crores of rupees in the form of commission from development funds in all government department at District level in the province of Sindh openly through making appointments and postings of the favorite officers including DCs, TMOs and Town committee officers, Administrators, Public Health Engineering and other officers of other departments in order to avail the easy facilities to commit misappropriation in development funds in every district including Shikarpur.

He the PML-F leader has demanded of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to conduct inquiry against those officers involved in misappropriating the development funds and curse of corruption in all the districts of the province generally and in the district of Shikarpur specially where the big amount from the development funds was misappropriated in the heads of development schemes particularly.

Meanwhile talking to this correspondent Agha Maseh uddin Durani the PPP central leader and the brother of Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Khan Durani has also expressed his dissatisfaction over the formation of delimitation in the District Shikarpur generally and NA-203 Garhi Yasin- Lakhi Ghulam Shah constituency particularly.

While he termed the one side action of the Sindh Election Commissioner (SEC) in support of some his favorite political party leaders during the recent inquiry held by him against the delimitation in Shikarpur District.

He informed that the PPP leaders of his constituency have decided to file and appeal in Sindh High Court (SHC) against the inquiry decisions relating to the delimitation made by Sindh Election Commissioner within some days to get the justice in this regard in order to enable the voters of the constituency to caste their votes without feeling the sense of any troubles for free and fare LG elections as per program of the Election Commissioner.



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