Shahbaz Sharif directs flood relief efforts in Dera Ghazi Khan

DERAGHAZIKHAN: - Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif addressing flood affected people in Dera Ghazi Khan.

DERA GHAZI KHAN, Jul 23: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in a visit to flood-hit Dera Ghazi Khan on Thursday directed authorities to step up rescue and relief efforts in affected areas.
The CM was also briefed about flood relief in DG Khan. Speaking to the press, he said he was monitoring the flood situation and rescue activities himself.
Shahbaz Sharif cut short a visit to London in order to personally monitoring relief activities in flood-hit south Punjab districts.
He was in London for a medical check-up, but decided to immediately return home, a Punjab government official earlier told Dawn.
In his instructions to the cabinet committee on floods, the chief minister called for accelerating relief activities in the affected areas.
He directed the committee to visit the flood-hit villages to monitor relief activities while the concerned administration and institutions of the affected districts should perform their duties in an efficient manner.
He said food and other requirements of the affected people should be fulfilled. He said fodder should also be arranged for the cattle of the flood-tossed people. cut short a visit to London earlier
The Chief Minister’s visit to DG Khan comes a day after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited flood-hit Chitral.


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