Thar needs integrated approaches to tackle upcoming drought


Dileep Doshi Lohano

THAR, Jul 23: “Indeed upcoming drought might disturb whole scenario including education, as migration trend is high, resulting thousands of the children would be dropped out, other would suffer from malnutrition and other diseases keeping the eye over appalling situation government should take notice and save the future” said by district education officer Aijaz Ali Babar and Alif Aiaan District coordinator Partab shivani along with number of stakeholders while addressing to the press conference hereby at Iftaar Party organized by Alif Ailaan, Maroarra Coordination council and SEARCH organization respectively. It was also told as, “from August work would be done to re-open all closed schools (nearly 435) if viable and for that already been requested to SEF (Sindh education Foundation) specially in Chhachro and Nagarparkar Taluka besides also requested to UNICEF to start AGE (Acceleration Girls education) project as girls could get chance as the female literacy ratio is at alarming situation”. They further added, “as though Karachi has nearly 3500 schools but over here politicians just merely for the sake of personal interest have opened 5000 schools which are not viable as number of the less populated villages have scores of the schools which are unnecessary need to revise all things and have make permanent schools”. Responding to the query by journalist about vehicles Mr. Babar said, “I have not gifted any vehicle to any officer but one vehicle though was purchased from education budget but has purpose of security thus as Deputy Commissioner wrote me to send back thus I have sent them back whereas don’t know whereabouts of two other vehicles as I don’t have any vehicle and I use public transport”. MR. Babar also said, ” I have been honest , I tried my level best , Thar District has got first position in SAT (Standardized achievement test), have minimized the numbers of closed schools as was in thousands and now it has 435, NTS pass teachers’ salaries have been made and they would get before Eid, 350 primary schools in Nagarparkar have been electrified and all other schools would be electrified in couple of months, teachers have been trained, I accept that there is lack of funds, resources as area is scattered, closed schools, ghost teachers , political interference but despite I did my best, have not taken any single penny and did what is in front of you”.  Before it civil society demanded as number of TOs are very low as one TO has three/four charges as all officers are needed to be appointed, in technology Thar has been at top, have higher user of face book and internet even compare to Karachi, corruption is at high level, budget has been lapsed, and as per district level have less budget, it has been consequently third drought thus government should take notice for the betterment and development of Thar”. Iftaar party was attended by District education department, NGOs working in Thar and Media personnel”. It was also decided to work altogether as to develop better society.


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