PML-N Sindh annoyed leadersship joins APML

KARACHI: President All Pakistan Muslim League Sindh Syed Shahabuddin Hussaini speaks during a press conference at Karachi Press Club.

KARACHI, Jul 24: All Pakistan Muslim League Sindh provincial President Shahabuddin Shah Hussaini said on Friday that those holding powers in the name of democracy to bolster the country insensitive have become a curse for nation.

This he said while Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Muslim Student Federation’s General Secretary belonging to District Nawabshah had announced to join APML at Karachi Press Club.

Hussaini said electricity, water and gas crisis has ruined the county’s economy which increased the poverty and hunger. He said rulers had been engaged in their luxury lives where the new taxes had deprived people from the single time of food.

He said instead, the rulers to provide protection to life and property of people, are busy in celebration to beat its political rival through Judicial Commission Report. He said people suffering in the crises, are facing huge damages of their properties in the shape of recent flood in different areas of Pakistan.

He said the character of rulers had cleared before the public and feels that the period of General Pervez Musharaf was most protective for general public. He claimed that many politicians had started to contact with APML leaders to join the party and the party will actively take part in upcoming local government elections.

Zafar Ali Shah, while announcing to join APML, said people of Pakistan are free from the cult of personality, prejudice and ethnic groups and on basis of performance, people had started to choose the right leadership.




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