We always together with people of Badin in hard days: Dr Zulfiqar


Sawan Khaskheli                 

BADIN Jul 28: We always together with the people of Badin in their thorny days and looters of Sindh have escaped away. It was stated by former Home Minister Sindh, Dr Zulfiqar Ali Mirza last days during heavy downpours while visiting cities, towns and villages of district Badin and talking with media persons adding he said that he was along with public of Badin in past and now too and never left alone people of Badin. Moreover, he said looters of Sindh and Sindhi people have escaped away from the country when they should be with the nation in these difficult days adding more, he said now when army decided to make accountable the people of their responsibilities than looters are hiding themselves. He also visited various camps in Badin and ensured them to be with them ever in their thorny days.




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