500 Villages of Katchha area inundated, disconnected in Khairpur

SUKKUR,: Flood affected people are shifting towards safe places as the flood water hit area after rising water in the River Indus due to heavy downpour of monsoon season, in District Sukkur

A Ghaffar Mahar
KHAIRPUR, Jul 30:  Communication of over 500 villages of Katchha areas disconnected and went inundated and disconnected from cities in four talukas of district Khairpur, over lacs of acres crops completely damaged due to high flood in Indus River, shortage of foods, medicines, tents crying the masses.
According to detail the water level is crossing 540000 cusecs from four talukas including Khairpur, Kingri, Gambat and Sobhodero of district Khairpur wide range of 70 kilo meters due to that over 500 villages of Katchha areas including Faiz Muhammad Bindo Narejo Sadiq Kalhoro, Karam Junejo, Dodo Bhutto, Bindi Juneja, Bakhshal Junejo, Sachal kalhoro, Saleh ja Pirr, Gullo Sial, Ismail kario, Magneja, Kharal abad, Keti Kharal, Keti Mangi Marri, Phullo Bader, Ismail ja pirr, Soomar kalhoro, Gull Kalhoro, Keti Khuhra, Keti Uner and other villages went inundated and completely disconnected from other areas and crops of Sugarcan, Banana, vegetables, paddy, cotton etc  completely destroyed due to which villagers bearing loss of rupees millions.
The pressure upon Ulra Jageer Bund, Qasim Bund, Sagyoon Bund and Fareed abad protective bund is continued and water level is increasing.
The villagers including Mudasar kalhoro, Azam Ali, Rajab Ali and others told news man on Thursday that PDMA announcing false because PDMA did not provide food and tents to the thousands shelter less people of the Katchha never established tent cities so far while due to high flood water borne diseases come out and hundreds people are being suffering from diseases in Katchha areas mincluding skin, malaria, diria    but government representative and politicians are being busy in photo sessions only.
They said the flood victims are looking for relief, food, medicines and tents.
They said water is so high but government is providing wrong figures of water level and so many people are still in flood water while government provided only boats.
However deputy commissioner Khairpur Munawer Ali Mithiani told that situation is under controlled and various teams of health department and revenue are being busy to provide relief and 21250 people were shifted from Indus river water to safe areas by Navy Jawans on boats and 1760 people were shifted to relief camp where they have been providing foods, while health treatment provided to 1000 people and also vaccinated 24246 cattle’s.


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