Daraz.pk visits Dar ul Sakun and the Edhi Boys Orphanage, bearing gifts for all


KARACHI,  Jul 30: Many companies in Pakistan have now started acknowledging the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility as an integral driver of a strong business strategy. CSR in Pakistan has become the need of the hour as it is the corporate sector that can work towards urging positivity in a country that is otherwise at a high level of despondency.
Online shopping portal, Daraz.pk, recently took up this cause, following their first online Fashion Week that made the latest Eid collections reach men and women in all parts of the country. While the privileged enjoyed the luxury of getting the latest in fashion at the comfort of their homes, it was absolutely imperative for Daraz.pk and its customers to celebrate Eid and Ramadan with those who deserve it just as much but are unable enjoy the same luxuries. The company launched its ‘Together, We Can Make a Difference’ campaign, in a bid to celebrate Eid and the holy month of Ramadan with the less fortunate.
After the devastating heat wave in Karachi, charity and empathy driven emotions have been running high, Daraz.pk took its customer’s on board and spent a day with the special children at Dar ul Sakun and with the kids at the Edhi Boys Orphanage, bearing gifts for all.
The trips were fully documented, enabling customers to feel the connection and be present at the NGOs in spirit. Following the videos, which were posted on the company’s social media platforms, many customers were encouraged to play their part and visited different charitable organizations.
Representative of Daraz.pk, Saman Javed, spoke about the company’s philosophy of sharing happiness and spreading positivity throughout Pakistan, highlighting the positive aspects of CSR which need to be recognized and endorsed for the positive image building of the country.
Daraz.pk has taken a pledge to continue supporting such causes and resolved to join hands with its customers and other companies to work towards spreading smiles and promoting positivity because together, we can make a difference.


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