ATC declared 12 men belonging to political party as absconders


Niazi murder case
Muhammad Safdar
KARACHI, Jul 31: An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) on Friday declared 12 men belonging to a political party as absconders in the murder case of deputy superintendent of Karachi Central Jail Amanullah Niazi.
Ubaid K2, the main accused in the case, had already been arrested. He was among the suspects arrested by rangers from MQM Headquarters, Nine-Zero, and it’s surrounding on 11th March 2015.
During the interrogation, K2 had disclosed that 12 more suspects were involved in killing the then deputy superintendent Karachi Central Jail, Amanullah Niazi. ATC judge had earlier issued arrest warrants for 12 suspects and directed police to arrest them and produce before it, but police failed comply with the court order.
According to the prosecution, Niazi, his brother Habibullah Niazi and three guards were gunned down in Karachi when unknown assailants attacked them on 15th June 2006. Niazi was known for his strictness and seriously opposing the facilitate given to the inmates belonging to a political party during his era.


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