Mallika Sherawat keen to play Draupadi on big screen

Bollywood actress MALLIKA SHERAWAT at the gala screening of Sin City at the 58th Annual Film Festival de Cannes. May 18, 2005 Cannes, France. © 2005 Paul Smith / Featureflash*** USA ONLY ***

MUMBAI, Aug 3:  Biopics are a trend in Bollywood nowadays, and if Mallika Sherawat had her way she’d do one on mythological character Draupadi.
At an event here, Mallika was asked on which character would she want to do a biopic.
To that, she said: “Draupadi…because she is a mythological figure. She was a very powerful woman. In my mind, she was extremely strong.”
On the big screen, Mallika was last seen in K.C. Bokadia’s “Dirty Politics”.
Talking about her future projects, Mallika said: “I am getting a lot of offers, but I want to be very conscious in choosing the right script and right film.”


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