Students protest against BSEK inefficiency, storms chairman office

KARACHI: - Students are perturbed while protesting against the errors in the result of Matric Board.

KARACHI, Aug 3:  Students of matriculation along with their parents staged protest outside Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) for halting examination results and for marking students as absent despite their presence during exams.
As per protesters, the administration has not displayed results of hundreds of students and has also marked several students as absent despite their presence during exams.
Protesters stormed the chairman office, demanding to present attendance copy so that the matter can be resolved.
Students stated that the authority has attempted to ruin their future, therefore, stern action should be taken against them.
Meanwhile, Examination controller of Karachi Matric Board , Nouman Ahsan said that students problems would be resolved, as, some schools didn’t give practical result on time which caused problems.
However, Nouman Ahsan said that 12 schools of the city didn’t give practical results on time, which has caused problems, while he assured that problems of the students would be resolved, whereas, registration of that schools would be cancelled.


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