Shafqat Hussain hanged in Central Jail Karachi

KARACHI,: Dead body of Shafqat Hussain is being shifting to Edhi Morgue, in Karachi on Tuesday, August 04, 2015. Shafqat was sentenced in 2004 for the kidnapping and involuntary murder of a seven-year-old boy who lived in a Karachi apartment building where he worked as a security guard, hanged till death in Central Jail Karachi

KARACHI, Aug 4: Shafqat Hussain, killer of a 7-year-old innocent kid, was hanged on early Tuesday morning in the Central Jail, Karachi. Shafqat Hussain’s execution was postponed four times but he was finally hanged today.
According to details, Shafqat Hussain was sentenced to death for killing a 7-year-old kid, named Umair, after kidnapping him in 2004. The final meeting between Shafqat and his family was held yesterday.
Shafqat’s execution was postponed four times while the human rights organizations had requested to postpone his execution for the fifth time as well.
Shafqat Hussain s lawyers and family claim he was only 15 at the time of the killing, though a government-ordered probe ruled he was an adult.
Hussain was originally due to face the noose in January but won four stays of execution as his lawyers fought to prove he was under 18 at the time of his offence and could therefore not be executed under Pakistani law.
A government-ordered probe to determine Hussain s age, carried out by the Federal Investigation Agency, ruled he was an adult.
A six-year halt to executions came to an end in December as Pakistan got tough on extremism after Taliban gunmen massacred more than 130 children at a Peshawar school. Since then, around 180 people have been hanged.


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