Kangana’s lightening tattoo inspired from her real self


NEW DELHI, Aug 16:Actor Kangana Ranaut has always added something special to her film characters, and for her next project, she has got a tattoo that is inspired by her real-life persona.

The actor, who will play a girl called Payal in the film, sports a tattoo of lightening on her ankle. Kangana’s tattoo artist wanted to make something that would represent her real personality on the big screen.
The actor’s spokesperson confirms, “The tattoo designer took inspiration from Kangana to design the tattoo for her role in the film.”
The actor, who received much praise for her last release, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, will be seen in a bubbly role in her next, alongside actor Imran Khan.”The tattoo required a lot of thought, as it had to be in-sync with her personality traits and this one was just appropriate. Her character in the film is that of someone who is happy-go-lucky, bohemian and fun. This is exactly how Kangana is in reality as well,” says a source close to the actor.


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