MQM Rabita Committee demands to stop MQM workers arrests

KARACHI, Muttehida Qaumi Movement leader Muhammad Hussain addressing to media persons and gives briefing about the health recovery of MQM leader Rasheed Godill who is injured and under treatment in ICU, during a press conference held at Khursheed Begum Memorial Hall, MQM secretariat in Karachi

KARACHI, Aug 19:  MQM Rabita Committee has demanded to stop MQM workers arrests, adding that if the conditions remained unchanged, then there is no chance to return to Assemblies.
Addressing the press conference in Khursheed Begum Memorial Hall, MQM Rabita Committee member Mohammed Hussain has said that despite resignations, oppressions on MQM continued and MQM workers were being killled in the disguise of operation and MQM was not being heard at any level.
MQM Rabita Committee member Mohammed Hussain said that workers were being arrested illegally. Rabita Committee demanded for immediate release of workers, otherwise there is no chance of MQM return to Assemblies in such conditions.


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