Ayyan Ali inaugurates social cause by students at KU


KARACHI: Supermodel Ayyan Ali was invited as a Chief Guest on Thursday to Karachi University’s Department Of Public Administration to inaugurate a social cause initiated by students of the department.

Ayyan was given a warm welcome by the Chairman, faculty members as well as students – who did not miss any opportunity for ‘selfies’ with the celebrity, which followed her attending a live Q/A session.

On the occasion, the supermodel gave them a message to ‘not create their perception about anything on the basis of rumours and instead they should inquire the real facts and then move forward with their vision with full confidence, which would help them out to discuss their opinions about everything openly rather than implementing others opinions on themselves.’

Ayyan was also awarded an Honourable Appreciation Shield to which she responded by saying, “Thanks to all of you from the core of my heart for your love and support, thank you again for giving me the honour by inviting me to visit your amazing university.”



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