Breach in Indus at Shah Bunder Koka band: 50 villages inundated, Jati Town in danger

THATTA: Pak Army doctors and paramedical staff attending patients in a medical camp organized by Army Medical Core for flood affected people at Monarki embankment Sujawal district Thatta.

Bashir Mallah

SUJAWAL, Aug 20:  200 feet breach in Indus river at Koka protective Bund in Shah Bunder Taluka has inundated 50 villages the houses where in were floating on water scaring people. The flood water is heading to Jati town which is said to have been at danger.  It was ironical that despite being informed the engineers of irrigation did not arrive at site of breach which was widenng. Due to gushing water of flood 50 villages includidng Habib Zangejo, Hussain Master, Vikyo Faqir, Kodrayo, Haji Bashir, Bhagan, Kamal Zangejo, Hussain Nakhuo, Haji Allahdino Mandhro, Molvi khalil Mandhro, Ghulam Hussain Zangejo, Wanha, Muhammad Mallah, Abdul Rehman Zangejo, Siddique Mallah, Issani Mallah, Rahu Faqir, Laloo Jatoi,Aloo Shah,Ibrahim Bughio and others have been inundated and were under water.The villagers said due to inefficiency and carelessness of  Irrigation department no engineer has so far reached to plug the breach. No one from government side has arrived to provide relief to affected people despite tall claims of government and NGOs. If the breach was not plugged and relief not rushed to people there is danger of human losses.



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