Butt grateful to ICC for ban lift


LAHORE, Aug 20: Disgraced left-hand batsman Salman Butt said on Thursday that he was thankful for the opportunity that has been given to him for making a return to competitive cricket.

Salman was talking to the reporters, when he said that he welcomes International Cricket Council’s decision of allowing him to play the game after the five-year ban ends on September 1.

Salman further thanked the Pakistan Cricket Board for helping him in the process of getting back into the field.

The ousted cricketer said that one lecture is due for him to attend and whenever the PCB will call him, he is up for it.

Moreover, he added that the younger generation of cricketers should learn from the mistakes that he had made.

“I pray that no one should go through such a time what I have been through,” said Salman.

“I would urge the youngsters to not make such mistakes and instead learn from our mistakes.”

Salman was involved in spot-fixing incidents in the August 2010 Test against England together with fast-bowlers Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Amir.

A British newspaper News of the World broke the story and the aforementioned players were later found to take bribes from a bookmaker, Mazhar Majeed, to bowl no-balls.

The British police arrested the bookmaker and the ICC banned the three players for different periods; Amir for five years, Asif for seven years (later two years were suspended on specific conditions) and Salman for 10 years (later five years were suspended on specific conditions).



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