SNP demands ban on MQM, announces Dharna in Karachi on 25th August


Abbas Kassar

HYDERABAD, Aug 21: Sindh National Party has demanded to put ban on Mutehida Qaumi Movement after declaring it as Pakistan enemy organisation and then vacating its parliamentary seats of National Assembly, Senate and Sindh Assembly.SNP has also announced to stage Dharna in Karachi on i 25 not only aagainst MQM but also against British government as Altaf Hussain the leader of MQM was British national and sitting in London he was consipiring against security and integrity of Pakistan. Addressing news conference at Hyderabad press club here Ashraf Noonari ,central leader of party along with Dilshad Bhutto, Hakim Halepoto,Dr. Uzma Jokhyo head of Nari Tehrik, Abida Siddiqui, Khadim Baloch and Saleem Inqilabi, told media that SNP since last 17 years remaining within framework of Pakistan federation was striving and struggling for political, social, lega and cultural rights of people and following peaceful Sofism idealogy. He said Sindh was in grip of religious, political and ethnic terrorism since many decades. The political parties have destroyed the peace of Sindh by making their militant wings. He said MQM was directly involved in 95% of terrorism and extortion. Noonari said SNP had said 17 years back that MQM was a terrorist organization but at that time the power worshippers and even so called nationalists had refuted their charges.

He said they clarify that MQM and Urdu speaking people are two separate entities as later have great contribution and sacrifices in creation of Pakistan. He said it was mandatory on Urdu speaking people to alienate themselves from MQM after party  openly proclaimed anti Pakistan stand by sending letters to 56 countries and inviting India and Nato to intevene. He denounced demands for separate province Sindh One or Sindh Two for Muhajirs adding that Muhajirs do not own country but only refugee camps. He said any religious or other party claims responsibility after explosions is banned then why MQM involved in carnages like 12 May, Tahir Plaza, 9 April, Baldia town timber market and other terrorist acts is not banned even after confessions of terrorists like Saulat Mirza, Tariq Mir and others and Altaf’s open oration of inviting Nato and Indian Raw connection no ban is put on MQM not arrest of Arrest and his trial under sedition.

Noonari questioned that why MQM was being appeased after their members resigned from parliamentary seats. He condemned govt approach towards anti Pakistan MQM. He also condemned any attempt on part of government to reduce powers of Rangers and to meet demand of MQM about monitoring committee. He deplored that despite UK High Commission pledge to take action against Altaf after SNP Dharna in front of its office in Karachi on 6 Marachi and added that SNP would stage Dharna on 25 August against Altaf and UK government for not taking action against his national Altaf. He asked all peace loving people,political, nationalist and religious parties to join this Dharna .



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