SC orders to halt operation against slums in Islamabad


Islamabad, Aug 26: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday issued directions to authorities for stopping ongoing operation against slums of federal capital and issued notices to federal government, CDA and administration of capital and sought details of operation and other matters. The apex court also directed the federal and provincials governments to submit the details of their housing policies. The apex court also sought the details of daily books and cases lodged against the slums dwellers in various police stations of federal capital. During the hearing, the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Jawad .S.Khawaja remarked that why the substitute places were not given to dwellers of slums, which have been setup for the last four decades. CDA is not king, do every thing what it wants. CDA now should not touch any slum of capital. The kingship of CDA would not long last. What were the feelings of fifteen to seventeen thousand slum dwellers?. Justice Dost Muhammad Khan in his remarks said that illegally residing Afghan refugees have been given permission to stay for more two years who have occupied our business, residential areas but why Pakistani citizens are not being allowed to live in abadies setup for the last three and four decades. The apex court has approved the writ petition of Abid Hussan Minto Advocate filed regarding the demolishing of slums for hearing. On this occasion, CDA and federal government informed the apex court that operation to demolish the slums was conducted on the order of Islamabad High Court. The apex court inquired that what slums committed due to which these are demolished. The Attorney General informed that due to security concern operation was conducted against slums. The CJP said that fifteen secret agencies have checked these and reported that there was no terrorist living in these slums.


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