DKT Pakistan: Providing Hepatitis Vaccinations & creating awareness


TandoAllahyar, Aug 27: DKT Pakistan, a private social marketing enterprise,in collaboration with thegovernment initiative,Sindh Hepatitis Control Program recently organized a Hepatitis vaccination camp in TandoAllahyar. The vaccination camp was arranged near one of DKT’s Dhanak Health Care Centers which provides healthcare services for mothers and children. During its two day CSR activity DKT went beyond providing not only information about family planning, modern contraceptives and birth spacing methods, but provided hepatitis vaccinations to the 600 attendees with the help of their own doctors along with Sindh’s Hepatitis Control Program’s team. Through the combined efforts of both teams, they managed to provide hepatitis vaccinations to almost 300 men, women and children in TandoAllahyar. At the same time DKT Pakistan is also in the process of counseling males who participate in DKT’s Mobile Video Unit (MVU) drivesthrough their trained teams across Karachi and Sargodha. Men are provided guidance regarding how important family spacing is for the health of their wife and child,their financial betterment and for a sound, stable and happy married life. Contrary to popular belief, DKT through their research has learnt, that many men who receive counseling from the pharmacist are eager to adopt family planning and birth spacing methods and often request information regarding the contraceptives they can use in order to enjoy a happier and fulfilling life. DKT Pakistan has over 600 Dhanak Health Care Centers located all across the country and their MVUs are constantly on the move providing training, counseling and raising awareness in areas where people have no access to such services. DKT works in rural areas and low income urban areas serving the country’s most under served populations.


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