Three research seminars held in the faculty of social sciences & arts


Khairpur, Aug 27: Three research seminars were held in the Faculty of Social Sciences & Arts, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur presided over by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Khushk, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Arts. The first PhD seminar which delivered by research scholar Abdul Wadood Kakar in the field of International Relations on the topic Post 2014 Afghanistan: Security Challenges for Afghan National Army under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed Chandio, Chairman, Department of International Relations. The research scholar said, Afghanistan is entering a new phase of politics in its history. He said, Afghan National Army will play a key role in the maintaining security in the country. He said, the objectives of his research were to analyze the role of Afghan National Army and to appraise new strategies of Afghan national Army in the light of security challenges beyond 2014. The second seminar was M. Phil seminar, which was delivered by Mr. Bux Ali Chandio, M. Phil Research Scholar in the Department of Sindhi on The Evaluation of Folk Literature in Sahiti Region under the supervision of Prof. Dr. (Retd) Abdul Karim Adal Soomro. The research scholar enumerated the significance of folk literature and its definition. He said, historically the Sahiti region is rich in literature and history. He said, the prominent writers and scholars have contributed a lot. He remarked that he has conducted the research work on the classic literature of the region. Mr. Abdul Latif Ansari, M. Phil research scholar, delivered the third M. Phil seminar in the Department of Sindhi on The Literary Services of Rashid Bhatti: Research & Critical Assessment under the supervision of Prof. Dr. (Retd) Abdul Karim Adal Soomro. Mr. Ansari remarked that the services of Rashid Bhatti are remarkable in the field of Sindhi literature and criticism. He wrote several books on literature. He was inspired from the revolutionary movement. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Khushk, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Arts said, the research work of the scholars is up to the mark and will pave a new dimensions towards research and their work will benefit in the field of international politics and literary work. The future research scholars will also benefited. Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed Chandio, Prof. Dr. Nisar Ahmed Kanhar, Director PGS, Prof. Dr. Adal Soomro and Prof. Ayaz Gul also spoke on this occasion. Prof. Dr. Asad Raza Abidi, Dr. Abdul Razzaque Mahar, Dr. Ghulam Sarwar Markhand, Dr. Fayaz Raza Chandio, Dr. Amir Ali Chandio, Dr. Amir Ahmed Khuhro, Ms. Shahida Amir Chandio, Dr. Mahar Khadim, Dr. Saleem Rahpoto, Dr. Mastoor Fatima Bukhari, Ms. Mukhtiar Soomro, research scholars and students attended the seminars.


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