Seminar and awards ceremony Karachi needs proper urbanization planning to overcome environmental pollution


Karachi, Aug 28: Proper planning is needed to meet rising urbanization in Pakistan, particularly in Karachi where arrival of people from rural and small towns has caused rise in environment pollution and put heavy burden on the city’s resources. Karachi’s population has been rising with world’s highest rate, causing suffocation, rise in air pollution, water scarcity and environmental diseases. If proper planning is not made in the city with immediate effect, there will be severe environment degradations. This was the crux of the seminar on Urbanization & Environment and the 12the Annual Environment Excellence Awards ceremony, organized by National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) in collaboration with PARCO, Department of Youth Affairs Sindh and other organizations at a local hotel. Environment Department Sindh’s former secretary Shamsul Haq Memon said that urbanization is called population shift from rural areas to towns and cities, where they come to get work and facilities. Urban population is driven by arrival of rural areas people that affects environment in the cities. “The rise in urban population puts burden on energy and food consumption, ultimately causing environment pollution.”


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