AMD Ryzen release date, news: leaked reviews shows AMD chip better than Intel i7-6900K, i7-7700K


NEW YORK, Dec 26: AMD is keeping up with the tight competition among chipsets and graphics processing units (GPUs). After announcing their powerful Zen Chips, which is now called AMD Ryzen, it seems like there is a brewing competition with Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake processor.

AMD Ryzen was the talk of the town ever since the company boasted its SenseMI technology, which is installed with 16 threads and 8 cores. A leaked review has appeared in several tech websites to show that AMD’z next-generation chip can beat what Intel has.

The recent review shows that the AMD Ryzen has a clock base of 3.15 GHz, which can be boosted to 3.3 GHz. However, AMD has stated that the chip can further reach the 3.4 GHz clock speed, with more headroom for overclocking purposes, according to TweakTown.

Also, benchmark results have been shown to compare AMD Ryzen with Intel’s own i7-6900K. Data shows that the AMD chip did not perform as good as Intel’s $1000 processor, though it should be noted that the results are based on unoptimized programs.

On the other hand, AMY Ryzen has gain positive reviews in terms of its power consumption since it can only take up 93 watts of power, which is a huge difference from FX-8370’s 138 watts and 96 watts of 6900K.

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Another review was spotted comparing AMD Ryzen to Intel’s i7-7700K that only has 4 cores and 8 threads. As seen from the Cinebench R15 benchmark test, the AMD zen chips have achieved 1,188 points from central processing unit (CPU) rendering test while Intel’s processor only had 966 points.

Fritz Chess benchmark test also showed that AMD Ryzen wins their test with 36.86 score points against Intel i7-7700K’s 35.52. The latter also gave out 17,049-kilo nodes per second while Ryzen gave 17,693.

As for the price, AMD Ryzen is forecasted to be more affordable than Intel’s i7-6900K at about $800 the most. There is also a rumor that AMD will have a Ryzen desktop version, which may be announced in early 2017.


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