Badin police claims to arrest gang for sale forbidden meat


Sawan Khaskheli
BADIN, Jan 30: Badin police claims to arrest the gang of suspected accused after conducting snap check on Monday at by pass road Badin while bringing the deleterious and forbidden meat of the animals for sale in Badin, Golarchi and Hyderabad.

According to the details, Ibrahim Jatoi, SHO Badin while conducting snap check tick has arrested the clique involved in the sale of the deleterious and forbidden meat of the which was sent to Golarchi, Badin and Hyderabad and it was covered with dried stalk of grain in the Suzuki pick up. This meat is being commonly sold to the butchers of some towns and cities where they sale it to the local peoples and hotels in the huge amount.
Other hand, arrested accused Tahir Mehmood said that Aslam Bhut has loaded his pickup with meat on the vehicle fare to send it in Golarchi and Hyderabad which he was bringing while police arrested him. Meanwhile Badin police has lodged FIR 279/33 against Aslam Bhut and Tahir Mehmood and arrested the accused.


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