Punjab’s viceroy as Sindh Governor not accepted


Our Correspondent
HYDERABAD, Jan 31: Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party chairman Dr. Qadir Magsi has rejected appointment of state minister Muhammad Zubair as nes governor of Sindh adding that Sindh would not accept Punjab’s viceroy as governor.

He termed decision of federal government as arbitrary and absolutism. Addressing executive council meeting here Tuesday Dr. Magsi protesting on this decision he asked federal government to reconsider appointment of Sindh governor. He said Sindh was part of Pakistan federation but “ we were being treated as colony”, he said and added that appointment of Muhammad Zubair as Sindh governor was condemnable decision. Dr. Magsi asked prime minister as to why he cannot find any person from Sindh for the slot. He advised federal government to avoid appointing any person out of Sindh as governor. He also lashed out at Sindh government saying that decision seems to be collusion of PPP and Nawaz League.


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