10% rural population fears to uncount in census of 2017 in Badin


Sawan Khaskheli
BADIN, Feb 2: Badin district is situated as last district of Sindh which’s limitation meets with border of India.

The ratio of literacy of district Badin fall below than 30% and it is a major cause of the less awareness of 84% rural populace to get their CNICs different villages of five Talukas Badin including Badin, Matli, Talhar, Tando Bago and Shaheed Fazal Rahu.
Different reports revealed that more than 30% of the above 18 population of Sindh doesn’t have CNICs of across the province. It is pertinent to mention that NADRA has only issued CNICs to 22.4 million people in the province so far.
“Less than 5% CNICs are being requested by the people of Badin for fresh card on daily among of 100 people” Mohammad Ali, Incharge, NARDRA Badin added. According to the credible sources that more than 10% CNICs are yet not made due to different causes of rural and urban population and lack of awareness prevails in matter and also mobile CNIC processing vans to rural and urban areas for registering the remaining population is also stopped which fear to show the a large number of people will not be covered in the upcoming census 2017.


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