Black Plum purifies the blood, Improves digestion, Prevents Heart Disorders


Islamabad, Feb 3: Black plum or jamun is one of the most popular fruits, it is extremely juicy and sweet. However, other than the amazing taste, Black plum has several health benefits, here are a few of them.

Purifies the blood
The fact that Black plum are rich in iron makes them an effective blood purifier as it ensures oxygenated blood supply with good amount of hemoglobin all through the body.
Improves digestion
The cooling properties of Black plum are extremely beneficial for curing digestive disorders, especially people who suffer from sever indigestion and acidity issues.
Refreshes skin and prevents infection
Its astringent property helps to keep oily skin fresh, smooth and acne free. Due to the presence of oxalic acid, gallic acid, malic acid, tannins, betulic acid and etc makes it capable as an antibacterial.
Prevents from Seasonal Problems
The fact that it contains high levels of vitamin C, it helps to make the body and immune system strong to fight with common seasonal problems.
Prevents from Heart Disorders
Black plum contains good amount of potassium mineral which is very beneficial for keeping heart healthy and preventing for diseases like hypertension, stroke and other cardio vascular diseases.


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