Veeru Kolhi names presidential award to Affia Siddiqui


Abbas Kassar
HYDERABAD, Mar 8: Recipient of Presidential award and International award on her service to human rights, Ms. Veeru Kolhi had dedicated her presidential award to name of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui on occasion of international women day being observed Wednesday.

She demanded from Pakistan government to take steps to bring Dr. Aafia back home getting her freedom from American prison where she is languishing since last 14 years. Veeru also vowed to continue her struggle against Jagirdari and Wadera Shahi system prevalent in Pakistan for this purpose she said she was trying to unite oppressed people of country under banner of Pasban Pakistan. She asked rulers to come out of photo sessions and seminars and take measures for protection of rights of women. Veeru and Pasban president Arshad Arain and others were addressing rally on occasion of women day here in front of press club. Manzoor Ahmed Khan, Dr, Mohan Lal, Ramshi Thakur and Ramzan Brohi also spoke.


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