All Private Schools Association holds oath taking ceremony


MA Rehmani
MIRPURKHAS, Mar 15: The All Private Schools Management Association Mirpurkhas Region organised an oath taking ceremony on , held at Gul Burg Mirpurkhas.

together with the accredited organizations in the private schools. “Streaming through the waves of leadership development through unity of young intellectuals” was the theme for the said event. It was started by an introductory speech given by Faisal khan zai President, All private School management association Mirpurkhas Region , who calls for a challenge to better education being more active in the school activities.
The Chief guest Abdul Majeed umrani Director private School address , Which he strongly believed and wanted to implant to the young minds of the student,s that the nation, that this country, needs the young people to have a better change in the Mirpurkhas Region ,further says, “The most important ingredient of leadership is Character”. This wanted to simply that the better start for a good leadership is to learn the basic way, which is to start it from you, start building a good character for a better change in the society. “Let us find ways on how we all private school, Region Mirpurkhas , can help in students and nation-building, beginning with Social Responsibility, Personal choices and Joys”, and lastly, “Let us gain new knowledge in managing and leading towards high impact service, in order to build our Private school organization, our department and consequently, build all private Schools
Then it was followed by an oath taking of newly elected Region Mirpurkhas talka Jhodo, shujabad ,Tandoadam , Kot Ghulam Muhammad and the school’s accredited organizations lead by Faisal khan Zai President All School Management association Mirpurkhas region and Noman halepoto ,Zaffer Ali , Ali Dino ,Zulfpar rajput ,Nabeela jalil and Above two hundred,s private School honours .
Indeed, the event was a success for all All private School association leaders whom solemnly pledge that on that day begins the challenge of being a good leader Abdul Majeed umarani to a bigger involvement in the private School,s society in the near future will be possible by starting to practice a better leadership characteristic from one self. Congratulations newly Director Private School,s Mirpurkhas Region Abdul Majeed Umrani.


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