XEN Highway Azam Wasan takes strict notice of sub-standard material used in highways


MA Rehmani
MIRPURKHAS, Mar 15: The Amir Azam Wasan Executive Engineer Highway roads Mirpurkhas District visited community development works including roads and CC roads at various areas of district Mirpurkhas here on Tuesday.

in this occasion Amir Azam Wasan XEN Highway strict notice of any illegal and sub-standard material practice in Roads Highways from contractors, and he said all the tenders opened according to the departmental laws Government Sindh. He further said that the management body for formulation and administration of the rules, regulations and laws relating to roads in order to increase the mobility and efficiency of the roads. It influences the pace, structure and pattern of development in Mirpurkhas district roads and community development schemes are used to transport over goods and of the passenger traffic. Hence, development of this sector is of paramount importance for the community development under the supervision of Shafiq Ahmed Maheaser Commissioner Mirpurkhas Deputy Commissioner Mirpurkhas and Superintendent Engineer Mirpurkhas Region.


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