PTI makes ‘school girls hijab proposal’ a JOKE in Punjab Assembly


LAHORE, Mar 15: Confusion becomes a JOKE in the Punjab Assembly after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPA Nabeela Hakim Ali submitted two different resolutions regarding ‘hijab rules’ in the schools across Punjab.

At first, a resolution was submitted in the provincial assembly, seeking to make hijab compulsory for girls in all the government and private educational institutions in Punjab.

The resolution further demanded extra marks for students who wear hijab.

Few moments later, another resolution was tabled by Nabeela Hakim Ali, asking Punjab Assembly ‘not to force female students to wear hijab’ in the educational institutions.

The resolution further stated that greed of additional marks for wearing hijab should be avoided.

Earlier on Tuesday, Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gilani’s proposal to make hijab mandatory for government college girls and offering them “extra” marks for covering themselves up set off a furore across the country.

“Observance of hijab should be made mandatory for college girls,” Gilani said while addressing the Lahore board’s divisional directors.

He added that hijab-wearing students, who fail to fulfil the required attendance, would benefit from the education department’s decision as five percent grace marks would be accorded to them.

However, the Punjab Government on Tuesday denied having made the hijab mandatory for girls at the province’s colleges.

Information Secretary Raja Jahangir said: “No such summary has been received by the provincial cabinet from the Higher Education Department.”

He said the Minister could not make such rules on his own without getting the approval from the cabinet.


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