Gaya Trust has always been striving to serve the poorest segment of the society


M A .Rehmani
MIRPURKHAS, Mar 18: The Founder of Gaya Trust Mirpurkhas Haji Muhammad Yousuf Gaya , has always been striving to serve the poorest segment of the society.

. Keeping in the view the situation of poor infrastructure of health sector in Mirpurkhas, Founder of the Gaya Trust Haji Muhammad yousif Gaya said ,we have started a number of projects to improve the situation by provision of facilities for the general public, regardless of their socio-economic status. Gaya Trust has devised a health services program for establishing and administering Mother and Child Healthcare Centers, Hospitals, Mobile Medical Camps, Ambulance Service, Diagnostic and Collection Centers There is a growing public need of diagnostic facilities as practitioners rather rely on the medical reports than their own past experiences and observations. Diagnostic Services and Clinical Laboratories have become an extremely profitable business, especially in remote and rural areas of Pakistan while in public sector the diagnostic services are very poor. Gaya Trust Mirpurkhas Diagnostic centers provides more reliable and authentic reports with the help of its latest imported diagnostic equipment in its diagnostic centers and qualified medical staff. Most of the diagnostic centers of Gaya Trust are serving the remote and rural areas of Mirpurkhas Divisition
and Blood banks are crucial for those patients who require blood in case of emergency especially the victims of terrorist attacks and road accidents. Blood banks also provide routine supply of required blood for the patients of thalassemia while they are extremely helpful during seasonal epidemics like Dengue fever.
These blood banks provide platelets for the patients of Dengue fever for their treatment. Blood can also be acquired for patients who go under medical surgeries and other medical tests like Biopsy and Endoscopy. During C-Section and minor operations for gynecology implications these blood banks play a vital role in the life saving procedure of mothers and their newborns.


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