Some of party members were involved in violence: Dr.Farooq Sattar


KARACHI, Mar 20: Two of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leaders have on Saturday admitted on a local news channel what MQM had been denying for the last 33 years. They admitted that MQM had been involved in target-killing and extortion in the past.

Talking on two different programs of a local news channel, two of MQM’s doctors, Dr.Farooq Sattar and Dr.Ishrat ul Ebad Khan admitted the oft-repeated allegations on the party. While one of them admitted thaDr.Ishrat ul Ebad Khan t some of the party members were involved in target-killing, the other accepted that some were also involved in extortion.

The history of Karachi’s largest political party has been marred with violence, aggression and murder, admitted two of its senior most members.

Former Sindh Governor Dr.Ishrat ul Ebad Khan was the first to admit all this. Later, Dr.Farooq Sattar talking to Masood Raza on the program Mahaaz, said that violence was never the party policy but some people have been involved in violence. He complained that his party wasn’t being accepted even after ‘Minus-1’.


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