Water crisis, it’s responsible the PML-N govt: Khairunisa Mugal


M A .Rehmani
MIRPURKHAS, Mar 21: Pakistan Peoples Party Mirpurkhas Division, Information Secretary and MPA khair un nisa’ Mughal held press conference at Press Club Mirpurkhas here on Monday .

She expressed , the water crisis, Various area,s of the country , its responsible the PML-N government and fixed has that Panama League their gaps and faillure of hide inland manually crisis. This situation has been created, and try to Kala bagh Dam , . . Khair un nisa ’ Mughal said in Sindh, Punjab, Seraiki ballot, Balochistan and other areas of country the water crisis artificially created from PML- N Fedral Government politics and ambitions . He has acknowledged owing during the past month and 22%, while only 13 percent of Punjab died of dehydration, which appears from the crisis situation in the Punjab region is carrying more water. Khair un nisa Mughal said that Punjab government federal debt that is paid role . she said that the PML-N government artificially Bhasha dam has not started work on. Because creating them with irrigation, Seraiki ballot and Baluchistan heist on the right to water would not be possible. Khair un nisa Mughal said that on colored bus instead detect money goes to Bhasha Dam would be today that we need to know if there’s a shortage of water, 80% on arrival. He said that the PML-N leadership tells Bhasha dam formation of the country’s population would be beneficial and in Lahore colored Buses run much of the country’s population advantage shipment khair un nisa Mughal demanded as the water current crisis immiditely resolve and the Federal Government’s End of areas, of Mirpurkhas Khas, Badin, Thatta, Sajawal and Tando Mohammad Khan growers and farmers for special package announced.


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