Depression high among persons with chronic illnesses


Africa, April 9: A big number of patients who suffer from Chronic diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart diseases and HIV also suffer from depression.

“People who are living with chronic physical health conditions experience conditions at twice the rate of the general population. Co- existing mental and physical conditions can diminish the quality of life and lead to longer illness duration and worse health outcomes,” Head of Quality and Standards at the Ministry of Health Pafica Onyacha said on Friday.

WHO ranked Kenya as the 6th country with the highest number of depression cases in Africa.

Onyacha spoke in Nairobi during the World Health Day celebrations.

The theme for this year was depression.

He said 1.9 million depression cases were reported in 2016.

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Data from the Health ministry also shows that 10.8 per cent of women are affected by depressive disorders as compared to 3.8 per cent of men.

WHO estimates show that Kenya’s prevalence to these two conditions stands at 4.4 per cent and 3.1 per cent respectively.


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