Slim down for summer: Smart swaps to stay on track


ISLAMABAD, Apr 10: Losing weight is tough, but maintaining your weight loss can be even more of a challenge. When you’re focused dieting, there are rules to follow, but once you hit your goal weight, there’s no handbook for how to stay on track.

Keeping a food log of everything you eat in a day holds you accountable to yourself and is also a reflection of your personal patterns over days and weeks, making it easier to find ways to optimize your food choices. Identifying and addressing your bad eating habits is the first step to finding a practical solution.
Healthy food choices are the first step in a weight-loss plan, but all calories count, and if you’re not aware of portion sizes you could wind up eating a lot more than you want. There are easy solutions! Buy single serving portions of chicken breasts, and extra lean ground meat. Look for a one pound total when buying ground turkey or poultry and divide into four equal parts for a quarter pound serving.
Purchase single serving containers of yogurt, or use a re-sealable 5-ounce container to portion out a single serving from a large container before eating. Look for 100-calorie packs of for “treat” foods, to limit portion and have the satisfaction of eating the “whole thing.”
A daily, calorie-controlled indulgence can be included in any weight-control plan. A smart choice can help avoid deprivation and getting off track. Some treats around 100 calories include a single serving calorie pack of cocoa-dusted almonds, chocolate leather (chewy chocolate snack from Manhattan Chocolates), chocolate-dipped fresh strawberries or pineapple, four milk or dark chocolate kisses, or one cup of frozen cherries (directly from the bag!).


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