Adnan Sami brutally trolled by Pakistani Twitterati after Snapchat tweet


MUMBAI, Apr 17: Indian singer Adnan Sami was trolled yet again aggressively by Pakistani Twitterati after he tweeted on the recent Snapchat fiasco which has caused many Indians to uninstall the application.

Adnan Sami Khan has often been trolled by Pakistani Twitterati for his tweets in support of India. There is no love lost between the singer and a lot of Pakistani Twitter users ever since he opted for Indian citizenship.

Sami tweeted that he would be uninstalling the Snapchat application after the crude remarks made by the image messaging application’s CEO about India came to the fore.

Following this tweet, Pakistani Twitterati had a field day bashing the singer, who then resorted to tweeting back. This certainly annoyed Adnan Sami as he could not keep from tweeting back:-

“Dear Pak trolls, My tweet wasn’t bout U.It ws bout Snapchat.Stop trying 2 jump in & b relevant like a jilted lover!Get over it,” he tweeted.

Looks like the Pakistani Twitterati were quite successful in their mission of inducing a response from Adnan Sami!


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