The role of sociologists vital towards development of society: Dr. Burfat


Bashir Memon
JAMSHORO, Apr 17: Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, Vice-Chancellor, University of Sindh has said that culture and environment were a social product and for society to perpetuate it was essential to keep its culture alive.

He added that sociologists could affect a turn-around in a given society. This he said in his speech at Department of Sociology while addressing the inaugural ceremony of 2-day exhibition titled ‘Sociological Skills and Art Exhibition 2017’. “We have 32 thousand on-campus students, add to it another 700 teachers and 4 thousand employees; we become a brigade of around 40 thousand individuals – together we can transform this university in to a superb institution”, he stressed.
Dr. Burfat maintained that by pursuing the philosophy of “We can do” they could earn the university prominent position in national and international ranking. He said it was heartening to see students of Department of Sociology to develop the replicas of the ancient civilization of Egypt, Harrapa and other antiquity, yet it would be more app if the same students related their effort, focus and research to the needs of the society, which he insisted was mandatory for them. “There is a great deal of space and need to work for social uplift”, he urged.
Dr. Burfat termed youth as the future of Pakistan, expressing his confidence in their potential and personae. He said failures were an integral part of life; however, they were impermanent in nature that served only as lessons to correct mistakes.
Earlier, the Vice-Chancellor inaugurated the exhibition and went around witnessing around 50 stalls painstakingly prepared by various students’ groups under the guidance of their teachers Raja Niaz Bhutto, Ghazala Panhwar and others.


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