Indian man carries brother’s dead body on bicycle


ASSAM, Apr 19: An Indian citizen in Majoli village of Assam state was forced to take the dead body of his 18-year-old brother on bicycle due to absence of motorable road.

The man tied the body to the bicycle and crossed a makeshift bamboo bridge to reach the main road. Nobody helped the man in shifting the body and instead just stood there and watched the whole incident.

“What we have found is that the patient belongs to a village that falls under Lakhimpur district. But his family members decided to bring him to the civil hospital in Garamur, which is closer. Apparently, their village Balijan does not have a motorable road link, and they have to cross a makeshift bamboo bridge to reach the main road to Garamur,” Majuli Deputy Commissioner P G Jha told The Indian Express.

“They had brought the patient on a bicycle. Following his death due to respiratory problems, they left with his body tied to a bicycle. This happened despite the hospital having a hearse van,” said Jha.

Assam Chief Minister while taking notice of the incident has sent a team to probe the matter. Majoli is the first village of the state which has been declared Wi-Fi equipped by the Assam CM.

This is not the first incident in India of this kind. Eight months back, a man carried the dead body of his wife to home on his shoulders for nearly 12km as he had no money for a hearse van.


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