Experts declare disease’s escalation of children as lack of awareness


Our Correspondent
BADIN, Apr 28: 40pc children are facing different incurable and perilous diseases because of lake of awareness of the parents and common people of the society and ignorance by the parents towards the vaccination of their children.

This was stated by the different speakers of the seminar titled “Routine immunization awareness campaign” organized by District Health Department at DHO office Badin on Friday.
While addressing the participants of the seminar, Dr. Peeral Khan Khoso mentioned that it was our prior responsibility to escalate the awareness to the parents and common people of the society as we can develop the healthy society but unfortunately we failed to gain the goal.
Adding Dr. Peeral Khan deplored that people of our society can line up as long for several days infront of Banks of cities and towns and also can bear hard situation for sake of getting amount of the Benazir Income Support Program but they were deeply ignored to vaccinate their children against fatal diseases. He termed this as deep ignorance of the parent which can repel the children near to the death.
While addressing the seminar, Dr. Abdul Rasheed Arain urged the participants to take tangible and practical steps to prevent their children from nine dangerous diseases of the children adding he said that teachers, representatives of civil society, doctors, lady health-workers and each individuals of society should put their viable efforts in place by extending the awareness among the common people as the children can be prevented from the dangerous diseases. More than forty percent of the children who are suffering from different diseases in district due to lack of the awareness of the parents, he added. On the occasion, Dr. Hemraj Rathi, DHO, Badin, Dr. Mehboob Khawaja, ADHO, Badin, Dr. Sheer Nohrio and others speakers also addressed the participants of the seminar.


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