Massive blaze erupts at Saima Towers in Karachi


KARACHI, Apr 29: The fire that erupted this morning at the 15th floor of Saima Towers situated at II Chundrigar Road is still raging despite the lapse of seven hours on Saturday.
The blaze soon developed intensity before long and engulfed 16th floor of the Trade Tower and reached to 18th floor.

The fire brigade used five firefighting vehicles along with snorkels. Now, bowser is also being used to extinguish the fire.

According to fire brigade officials, the intensity of the conflagration is on the rise as the fire has encompassed 14th floor as well.

The fire brigade clarified that snorkel can reach to merely as high as 12th floor.

The eyewitnesses said the blaze broke out at 4am. The firefighters safely rushed two people to safety and declared the building clear. But, soon, another guard was seen calling out for safety. However, he was rescued.

The firefighters said they are facing hardships owing to the height; hence pipes are jointed so that water is taken to the blaze site through staircases.


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