Scientific invention should not be restricted to rich only: VC LUMHS


Abbas Kassar
HYDERABAD: The Meeting of the Hospital Management Committee was convened under the Chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences Jamshoro Prof. Noshad A. Shaikh on Thursday, 4rth May 2017,attended by the Medical Superintendent Liaquat University Hospital, Deans and the Head of the Departments of various Clinical Specialties.

The Vice Chancellor expressed that the scientific invention should not be restricted to the rich only. Until the blessing of science reaches to the all sector of people till then the so called modernization and advancement will not be fruitful. He added that an Ideal Hospital can be build up by doctors, nurses and all other paramedical staffs with the dream that this hospital will be recognized as a Model Hospital of this region only by which the poor people can get the ultra modern medical facilities free of cost.
The Vice Chancellor expressed that the quality of patient care is essentially determined by the quality of infrastructure, quality of training, competence of personnel and efficiency of operational systems. The fundamental requirement is the adoption of a system that is ‘patient orientated’. Existing problems in health care relate to both medical and non-medical factors and a comprehensive system that improves both aspects must be implemented.
The Vice Chancellor directed the consultants to make it sure to visit their respective wards in the evening on daily basis to provide expert opinion to the patients admitted in the Hospital so that the best possible medical services can be offered from the University to the people.
Medical Superintendent Dr. Abdul Wahab Wadho briefed the day to day affairs and highlighted the efforts initiated by the Hospital Administration to over come the problems including Security, supply of logistics and Medicines, shortage of water, Electric power failures, and assurance of presence of Doctors and paramedical staff round clock.


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