Justin Bieber’s long list of demands for performing in India


MUMBAI, May 5: Pop singer Justin Bieber has handed a long list of conditions for performing in India.

The singer has demanded the organizers to fulfill all his needs if they want him to perform in Mumbai on 10th May 2017.

He wants 10 luxury cars, two Volvo buses and 10 Rolls Royce vehicle.

The “Baby” singer has also demanded 10 containers containing a sofa set, washing machine, refrigerator and other items along with a backstage jacuzzi.

The list also demands five star hotel for his stay. Three floors of the hotel should be exclusively reserved for the Grammy award winner which has to be decorated like a private villa.

He has demanded the organizers to build a 1000-sq.ft room painted in purple color which will be decorated with flowers.

The organizers of the concert will also have to arrange for a private jet and a helicopter for the singer’s travel.

Bieber has categorically stated that he will not compromise on a single demand.


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