Purpose of higher education linked with enhancement of quality of life


Bashir Memon

JAMSHORO: Sindh University Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat on Friday has linked the purpose of higher education with the enhancement of quality of life and stressed the need for planned change on the pattern of Peoples’ Republic of China to avert the otherwise disastrous unplanned developments happening at various world parts.

He said that a number of problems could be brought to an end after dealing with all stake holders of the varsity on the basis of justice and equality.
This he said while speaking at a prize distribution ceremony held at Institute of Mathematics & Computer Science (IMCS), University of Sindh Jamshoro.
The vice chancellor further said that he always gave preference to the employees. Therefore, he said he would take up the matter regarding son quota in the meeting of syndicate if there was no any provision of it to give jobs under that quota.
“I will prefer the sons and daughters of employees in recruiting them on the lower grade posts at the varsity with just a condition that they should possess the relevant education and experience”, he maintained.
He further said that a committee consisted of syndicate members, SUTA and Officers’ Association office-bearers would be constituted to review the demands of the Sindh University Employees Welfare Association (SUEWA) and submit recommendations within 15 days. “I will accept all your genuine demands in the twinkle of an eye, I assure you”, said Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat.
He said the employees would be promoted to next higher grades before six months of their retirement who rendered required service period of at least 25 years in the university.
Talking on Sindh Varsity students, he said he believed in the potential of youth of Sindh; more so in the talent and capabilities of youth of University of Sindh.
The vice chancellor further said that he believed in practical application of knowledge—a dimension that was well-catered to by the talent show organized by the IMCS. “We live in the times of technology, innovation, science, computerization and innovation that requires us to adapt our effort accordingly”, he urged.
“Jamshoro is an educational hub; housing there major public sector universities in the province boasting more than 700 PhD faculty from the world’s finest and most reputed institutions, yet the quality of life of denizens of Jamshoro is not up-to-the mark”, he said and enquired the audience why? “I leave this question for you to ponder over. On my part I do believe we have not been able to connect our learning to the issues of the community”, he explained.
Dr. Burfat added that Pakistan suffered 15% pre-5-year mortality rate and 10% pre-1-year mortality ration, one of the highest in the world. “This alarming disconnect, I reckon is due to our inability to transform our theoretical knowledge inputs into practical knowledge economy and application”, he bemoaned.
The others who spoke on the occasion included SU Registrar Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Chandio, Director, IMCS Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Soomro, Provost, Marvi Girls Hostels and IMCS Faculty Dr. Farhat Naureen, while, those who were in attendance included Muhammad Mashooque Siddiqui, Eng. Sajjad Hussain Shah, a large number of faculty and enthusiastic students who clapped and cheered through the event. Towards the end, shields, cash prizes and certificates of appreciation were distributed among the students, who had emerged victorious in the project competitions.
In IMCS, the exhibition showcased more than 30 ultra-modern and innovative projects displaying multiple facets of computer related technology that attached unprecedented and undivided viewership from faculty, students and general youth community of Jamshoro alike.
Later, the vice chancellor reached Shaikh Ayaz Auditorium, Arts Faculty Building, University of Sindh where he administrated oath to the newly elected body of Sindh University Employees Workers’ Association (SUEWA).
He also distributed certificates among the participants of a three-day Interactive Skill Development workshop titled “Quality Assurance Procedures, Plagiarism and Advanced ICT Skills for Researchers” which was organized by SU’s Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC). Director QEC Dr. Shahzad Ahmed Memon, Dean Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Abdullah Dayo, Director Office of Research, Innovative & Commercialization (ORIC) Dr. Nek Muhammad Shaikh, Dr. Tuffail Sheerazi also spoke on the occasion.


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